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Business Concept
We are innovators in the recruitment industry

WORKO offers the best way to increase your company’s profitability – whether you want to book high-quality meetings to get in touch with potential clients, or to find the market’s leading candidates for your business.

WORKO Recruit
The new modern recruitment process

WORKO’s effective and quality assured working methods ensure that your company get access to the most qualified candidates in the areas you seek competence.

WORKO Business
Make your business grow

WORKO is actively networking across many different business areas to offer the top service in booking meetings, where we help you make new sales connections within your target audience.

Business Concept & Vision


The biggest challenge when it comes to recruitment and sales is in the ability to establish a first connection – whether it be with your next co-worker or with a prospect/client. That is why WORKO have made it our business to create this connection, so that our clients can save time by avoiding lengthy preparation processes.

WORKO specializes in the introductory part of the recruitment and sales cycle, where the qualified connections are made. In addition, our services are offered to a fixed price, meaning that we do not charge any supplementary costs in the case of a hiring or a recruitment conversion. Therefore, we never push for contracts to be signed. WORKO can proudly say that this approach makes us unique in the business.

Among WORKO’s clients are major listed companies as well as smaller owner-managed businesses. We are also the perfect choice for you as a private individual to meet your future employer. WORKO’s out-of-the-box approach and rapid growth has been mentioned in the media on numerous occasions.

WORKO the new, modern way for companies to grow through recruitment and sales.

WORKO Recruit

The Swedish labor market has changed. The trend has gone from employees remaining at the same workplace throughout their careers, to more consultant based, project intensive and flexible forms of employment. At WORKO we are looking to renew and improve the conventional recruitment market. We believe in structured, competent and cost effective processes, matched with the same quality as traditional recruitment companies. WORKO thus serves as a middle segment on the labor market, giving you the best of both worlds. We are convinced that this time saving and cost effective concept represents the future of recruitment.

WORKO Recruit is divided into two stages: Preparation and Search. We put great effort into delivering the same high quality in both stages. We believe this is the best way to establish good relations with both the client and the recruited candidate.

The process begins with putting up a sketch plan overlooking the background, purpose and goals of the organization. We analyze the scope of the recruitment as well as its possible limitations. Thereafter, we develop a preliminary list of qualified candidates and prepares the recruitment with a business presentation that contains a requirement specification and sales pitches.

WORKO has an extensive network that is built on recommendations and references – that is, through structured business networking. This networking is vital in our work process. WORKO’s recruitment specialists can then start from the most advantageous position when they contact interesting candidates to inform them about your company’s recruitment offer. We identify candidates showing the greatest potential and competence, and put them through to the next phase of the recruitment. We mainly make use of our own candidate database and connections, but we also employ external networks such as LinkedIn.

Additional Services

We set up interviews and assist you in making your recruitment process as smooth and efficient as possible. The bookings are registered in Outlook so that they automatically show up in the calendars of everyone involved with the project.

We do a follow-up on the candidates after the interviews to make a deeper investigation of their current and future goals, requirements and desires regarding their career. Since WORKO is not the hiring party candidates tend to express themselves more freely. This way, your company can attain valuable information that significantly increases your chances of hiring.

We conduct quality controls by contacting references to make sure that the candidate’s characteristics matches your target profile, and forwards that information to you.

WORKO views proactive recruitment as a continuous chance for our clients meet their future co-workers. Many of WORKO’s clients reserve time each month for interviews without having any major recruitment needs, with the motto “there is always room for the right person.” This is why WORKO is constantly striving to stay ahead and think proactively. We process the influx of clients and candidates on a daily basis, which is an important part of our strategy to actively strengthening our network. This way we are always operating in an ongoing cycle where we can systematically build up and look over our contacts. Indeed, this is an effective means of quality assurance, but primarily it has to do with adapting to the candidates – the main players of the recruitment market today. Many of our contacts tend to be working in time bound projects, which means that companies need to stay ahead in terms of recruitment. That is precisely why WORKO has shaped our recruitment process so that our clients already are in the mind of the candidate – long before the person has moved on to the next project. As a result, we can guarantee to always have suitable and current candidates in our pipeline.

The road to a long-term proactive collaboration is to carry out a pilot project in which your company secures the first investment. It is therefore essential that we, together with the customer, analyze and maps out the customer’s future recruitment needs, and learn about the business, the organization and its working staff. This gives us the best position to offer the most qualified and cost effective advisory services.

WORKO Business
  • Introduction – Workshop

    We start off our collaboration by conducting a workshop to establish a deeper understanding of your company’s line of business, the organization, your offer and what your strengths are as a supplier. In this initial process we want to do a basic mapping over what type of sales connections you are looking for. During the process we will also produce a list suggesting potential companies which will –after your feedback – serve as the foundation for the prospecting. We make sure to deeply familiarize ourselves with the process at hand, so that we can properly assess what our role will be. WORKO’s working structure is designed to ensure that we will be the best possible ambassador and partner for your company.

  • Prospecting – Contacts & Companies

    After the basic establishment and your feedback during the workshop, we produce material with interesting prospects that matches your target audience. Today, WORKO has an extensive network spanning over several different business areas. Our high level communication expertise helps to increase the conversion of your meetings.

  • Outreach Processing – Appointment Booking

    The project managers will actively contact and work the market. All contacts that are made are based on the previously established prospecting and demand profile. Booked meetings are recorded in Outlook so that they automatically get registered in the calendars of everyone involved. WORKO continually review our own practices during the process: Are we sticking to the goal? Did we complete what we planned? Have we found other and possibly better measures? Do we need to revise our strategy? We constantly work on enhancing our current processes, since we want 100 % of our clients and candidates are pleased with our services.


What do our clients say about us? Below are some of our recently completed assignments.

testimonial author
We have worked with WORKO in the recruitment of an accountant and it has worked well, I can warmly recommend WORKO.
Stefan Österlund
Authorized Accounting Consultant
testimonial author
WORKO has helped us get in contact with several very interesting clients. They pitched our services very well to owners and management of our target companies, and booked meetings accordingly. Every meeting WORKO has set up for us has led to great openings for potential business deals!
Mikael Jonsson
Authorized Accountant
testimonial author
WORKO helped us create connections with competent candidates that we would have never established contact with through advertising. Which resulted in us hiring an administrative landscape architect that still produces for our business.
Jimmy Norrman
testimonial author
Our partner WORKO took on a mission to find a specialist within software development. I am pleased with the process of finding candidates, as well as how the collaboration has proceeded.
Daniel Lundborg
Manager Operating Systems, Controller Software Dept, R&D
testimonial author
Performance oriented, professional and pleasant. A really good recruitment partner!
Björn Ehlin
testimonial author
We have worked together with WORKO for about four months and we are very pleased with the collaboration thus far. They are very responsive and quick to give us feedback. We also find their business model appealing and well-suited for specialists such as us!
Fredrik Dolléus
Digital Strategist, CEO Alenio
testimonial author
Matador Projektledning has selected WORKO as a partner in our recruitment. We have continuously met with candidates proactively which has led to us being one step ahead when we search for our future co-worker. We are pleased with the results and we have hired sharp people. I can warmly recommend WORKO and their services.
Jon Öhman
CEO, Matador Projektledning
testimonial author
Via WORKO, we have hired a talented project manager. By continuously meeting competent candidates through the proactive WORKO Recruit, we have made valuable connections for the future. Via WORKO Business we have met clients that have been in need of our services, which in turn resulted in new projects. Through both WORKO Recruit and WORKO Business we have managed to fill our staffing needs and increase our client database, we strongly recommend both services.
Per-Olov Rågfelt
testimonial author

When we hired WORKO to help us recruit a construction engineer we had never worked with a recruitment agency before. WORKO quickly understood ABAKO’s needs in the recruitment process and the staff has been very good at continuously having close communication with us a client.

WORKO’s professional recruitment gave us access a larger candidate base which quickly resulted in numerous highly competent candidates. The entire recruitment process has been much more cost effective than if we had chosen to recruit ourselves. This gave us the opportunity to focus more on our core business as an architect office.

WORKO and its employees receive the highest rating from us and they are an obvious choice in future recruitments!

Nils Korth
Architect SAR/MSA, MNAL
We have hired WORKO to support our recruitment activities. Through WORKO we have met sharp candidates and hired several talented people within construction management and projection.We feel that WORKO and their staff stands for:
– Dedication
– Result orientation
– Perseverance
That is why I can warmly recommend WORKO recruiting services.
Roger Stalås
Head of Department, Anläggning Sthlm, Project and Construction Manager
testimonial author
Drift have selected WORKO as a partner in our development process because they produce the best candidates and contributes to the efficiency of our recruitment.
Mats Lundquist
Business Area Manager, Sveab Drift
We use WORKO’s services to reach out to external networks where our own does not suffice.We have successfully met with competent and interesting candidates through WORKO and we recommend their proactive working methods.
Patric Kjellin
CEO, Projektengagemang Projektledning
testimonial author
WORKO almost feel like a colleague at this point. The partnership works really well because they have come to know our culture, met with our managers and they know the soft values that are difficult to pinpoint, but are just as important as the demand profile. I usually seek people with an extremely niche expertise so I knew that it would be a challenge for any recruitment company. However, I got a quick and accurate delivery of candidates that either met or exceeded my expectations. I can really recommend WORKO as a partner in recruiting specialists.
Anders Danell
Unit Manager, Ramböll
We have hired WORKO for recruitment and sales support. WORKO are committed, results-oriented and additionally pleasant.
Peter Granberg
About us

WORKO was established in 2011 with the ambition to create a new, more efficient branch in recruitment and sales. WORKO quickly gained a foothold as it filled a void on the saturated traditional recruitment and appointment booking market. The industry needed new blood and fresh ideas – and it turned out that WORKO came in at just the right time! WORKO have since then grown rapidly and we receive daily feedback that our approach offer a good complement to our clients’ current activities.

WORKO is founded on the same result oriented mindset as sports, which is why it is close to our heart to deliver the best and most priceworthy recruitment and sales solutions for companies and organizations.

WORKO consists of a close knit team of young and driven professionals. Furthermore, we truly believe in our company, which has been the key to our success.

Our Business Concept

WORKO’s business concept is to offer proactive recruitment and sales services to companies in the Swedish and Norwegian market.

Our Mission

WORKO aims to change the traditional views of recruitment and appointment booking. We want to shorten the distance between individuals and companies establishing a first connection.

Our Vision

WORKO strives to simplify the next step for all parties involved in a recruitment and sales process. Our goal is that 100 % of our clients and candidates should be pleased with our services.

Contact WORKO

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or want to book an appointment.

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Phone: +46 8 598 514 00

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